John & Megan are Married!

The last weekend in May was a wonderful time celebrating John and Megan's wedding in Muskegon, MI. It is jarring to think that our two great friends are (finally) married, and we are so excited for their new life together (despite the fact that they are moving to Columbus, OH...boo!). The wedding was beautiful, the priest did an excellent job, the happy couple were looking sharp, and we had way too much fun with all of our fantastic friends. Congratulations Dr. and Dr. Hertig!!! (Calling them doctor is even weirder than them being married).
John and Megan at their rehearsal dinner

Toasting at the reception.

What are these troublemakers up to?

Riding on a trolley around Muskegon is fun...until it breaks down!

The little man who stole the show, Liam Zolman. You should totally be his friend on Facebook. He is the world's most interesting man.

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