Saturday Morning Dates

For the past two summers, Saturday mornings have been our time together going garage sale hunting. I have never been one to do this before but now it is become quite a strategic set-up. On Friday mornings I will look online & find all the sales for Saturday & then I organize them by area. I quickly send the list to Kirk who continues the organization by picking out the ones that we would like (i.e. ones that have no Baby items for sale!) & then he maps out the sales with an optimal driving route. I know this seems like a great deal of work but it has proven to be worth the effort! Over the past two summers we have found some amazing deals: brand new workout equipment, a brand new chair massager, an old table that I painted and made amazing (only $15!), books, jewelery, a fur stole, camping supplies, high quality cookware, & much more! So you never know what may be around the next corner...or garage in this case!


May 22, 2005

Today is our second anniversary! We are so blessed & thankful for all that the Lord has given us. We are also thankful for all those who have helped & supported us during these first few years together.


Wedding Weekend

This weekend was all about weddings... Congratulations to the Chiang's as well as Amy & Chell! Weddings are always a great opportunity to see other friends too. (Here with the Mark, Lynn, & Hayden...the couple who talked us both into going on some crazy trip to Thailand...where it all began)


The Inside Scoop!

We have decided to set up a blog for our friends & family to follow our happenings as we start a new chapter of our life...now that we are both done with school...who knows what will happen! Since we aren't the best at picking up the phone and calling, we hope that this is a way to keep in touch with those we love.

image from flickr.com