The Baby's Room!

After a lot of time and work (and more money spent on tape than actual paint), the baby's room is mostly done! We're still waiting for our dresser/changing table to arrive, but otherwise most of the room is now in place. We love it, and we both find ourselves just sitting/standing in the room periodically throughout the day. T-minus 41 days (or less)!!


31 Weeks

I have felt some changes in the past few days, and it's pretty clear now that she is positioned head-down. The punching and kicking can be much more painful at times, and she seems to be enjoy rolling around more, too (which is a bit uncomfortable as well)! We went on a car ride this weekend to Michigan to see Dad and Marilyn and there were times that got pretty uncomfortable. I am normally not one to stop to use the restroom, so making a stop to just walk around is a bit annoying for me. But, I am going to have to get better at that, because we are going on one last trip here in a few weeks that is an 8 hour drive. We will see how that goes and how many stops we have to make along the way! After early March there will be no more traveling for me, and Kirk will have a one-hour radius for any trip he wants to take.

So this is what I have to look foward to?!

My mom watches our neighbor's little boy twice a week (who is also my girlfriend Izzy's little brother). Mom is normally over at his house but last week he invaded my territory. Now, I am not sure, but I think that this is what is coming to my house soon and I am not going to tell you how I really feel about that! Mom says that if I do not have something nice to say then don't say it (or bark it) at all. I learned though that one afternoon with this little creature and my nose needs a break! He farts more than my dad!

But there are some good smells around him too, like the milk I wouldn't mind getting a bit of. I need to keep my eyes on this one, that is for sure! I did not really appreciate him taking so much of my mom's attention and did not like how much she held him. What does a dog have to do to get some love? I was happy to see him go home at the end of the day. But if he brings his sister over next time to play, I might let him come back more often. We'll have to talk about that.


It Has Begun

So, the nesting urge has begun. I have had more energy to start cleaning out closets and getting her room organized. Right now that is a bit hard as we are still in the process of painting the nursery. But, it is a nice change to have this feeling to get things done after a long while of having no energy or care.

As for the belly, she is stronger and so her movements are much more intense. My belly often looks like jello shaking as she is having her "playtime." At the doctor yesterday everything looked great and my recent tests came back all in the clear. She dropped down head first this past week and so hopefully she will continue to be that way when the day comes.

Photo done by Sandig.urbanspace