Both babies just got up from a nap...

Not everyone can wake up on the right side of the "crib!"

























Eliza was so excited to have someone to play with. Preston was not as impressed!


Growing Together

Well, at least one of them is growing. Here is a photo with "Dolly" back in July.
See the full post here.

Now that we are older and wiser we are a bit more serious!
As Hayden would say, "friends hold hands."

"Dolly's" hair needed fixing so we had to stop the photo shoot for just a moment.

All better now, and there are the smiles!


Two of a Kind

They have the same love of leaves.
Otis in 2007

Eliza 2009


Keeping Me Busy

My days have been full of new things. I feel very blessed to be able to dabble in different areas that I love. Obviously, my main job is taking care of the little Miss Smiley.

I still love working at Williams-Sonoma Home. I tend to work Thursday evening for about three hours after Kirk gets home.

Preston comes over most Monday and Friday afternoons. It has been fun to see him grow, as well as watch him and Eliza interact.

I just started a new job this week. I am a wedding coordinator for our church, Common Ground. I will meet with the bride and groom a few months before their wedding to help them get the ceremony details together. I will then be there for the wedding weekend to make sure each detail is taken care of. This past Saturday a sweet couple got married and here is some of their decor! The bride was supper organized and it reminded me of myself on my wedding day. I meet tomorrow evening with another couple, and I can't wait to hear all that they have planned.

I love the wire wreaths that they made for the doors. Super easy! You may see one of these in our home sometime soon!

I have been knitting hats for a friend of mine, Sara Graham. She has a great photography business, and wanted some hats for infant photography shoots. Stay tuned for some photos of Eliza too. Sara is going to take some pictures of us next month! In the future I may start up an etsy site for knitting, but I am still trying to figure out what I want to sell. Let me know if you are interested in ordering some baby hats!

I have also been working on hair bows. It is something that I want to master so that I don't have to buy Eliza's down the road. I may add these bows to my etsy account as well, but again if you would like any hair clips or bow headbands let me know!

Falling Leaves

Hanging out with daddy in the leaves

A few more pictures from this weekend.

Eliza has been going through a growth spurt, I believe. She has been waking up in the middle of the night a few times a week. What was once a schedule, has now been tossed out the window to blow away like the leaves. I pray that we find a schedule one day soon!


Fall Weekend

Two weekends ago, we went on our second fall getaway with our house church (a.k.a. Bible study group). Last year Otis got to go, but this year he stayed with his grandparents. We thought that one kid would be enough! We had a blast at Lin and Joe's house, and thank them for opening up their home to us. We played Family Feud, went on a walk, visited a bee keeper, shared good food, and had a sing along! The weekend was a full one! In the past year we have definitely grown close to these people and see them as family. See Alex and Sonja's blog for more on the weekend, and on the bee adventure. We can't wait until next year! Also, thank you Alex for being our photographer for the weekend!

Eliza in her jumper
Being an alligator...or as we say...she is "alligatoring" it
The group went on a walk while Eliza and I took a nap.
Playing Family Feud

This is our ad campaign for honey. We really did buy all this!
A very passionate bee keeper and his son. They were wonderfully kind to us, and answered hundreds of questions...that is not an exaggeration!
Having our sing along time. Eliza was a bit tired and didn't know what to make of all our ruckus.



Too Much

We went out to run a few errands today, and four people stopped me to say how cute Eliza was, so I thought I better take some photos! One lady was on her phone (and didn't know that I could hear her), and was telling her friend how adorable Eliza's pink cheeks were. She said she would have taken a photo of her if it wouldn't have looked like she was stalking the baby.

Looking Back at Last Week

It was a busy week, and we took pictures but didn't have time to post them! After Eliza's doctor appointment I stopped at the Whole Foods and got her some of her very own food! Over the week I made a few different foods for her to try. The point right now is just for her to be introduced to different tastes and textures. I have made butternut squash, acorn squash, and sweet potato. I still have carrots, barley, and peas to make this week. Since she only can eat one new food every 5 days, she has only tried the butternut squash so far. The rest is in the freezer and will be good for the next two months.

Here are the baby freezer trays that we got for her food since they are BPA free and come with lids!

She is still not a fan of solids but she ate more than ever before.

Waiting for Halloween

I got home from work on Thursday night and found Eliza hooked onto her daddy. She wanted to be held the whole night and Kirk couldn't get anything done, so he put her in the Bjorn. Aren't they cute?!!


6 Months!

Our baby is six months old today! We can't believe it! Her doctor appointment went well. She is now 15lbs. 13oz. Eliza grew one inch from two months ago, and is 26.5 inches long. She is in the 50th percentile of weight and 75th in length. This month we get to start her on vegetables, and hopefully it will go over better than the cereals! She also gets to practice with a sippy cup and water. All her shots went well, and she barely cried at all. The nurse said she was very tough! Her doctor commented on what a happy and easy-going baby she is, and we have to agree!


A Few More...

Here are a few more pictures that Alex and Sonja took last weekend. Also, check out their blog for some more, but beware their posts will make you hungry! I have held a few pictures back for possible Christmas card photos...yes, I did mention Christmas, and it is only October!

Eliza is playing Supergirl with her daddy! This is something that they do often and most of the time gets big smiles out of her!