Falling Out of Airplanes

Sadly, the skydiving experience has been postponed due to large amounts of rain, wind, and cloud cover this weekend. While everyone else is probably excited for the much needed hydration in these parts, I am very disappointed. Lynne, however, promises that I will get to do this before we move, so maybe it will be my "congratulations, you got a job" celebration activity.
UPDATE: We have been rescheduled for July 4th at 10am!! Hopefully I won't get hit by a stray bottle rocket coming down! :)


What shall I do this Saturday?

If you're me, the answer to that question is SKYDIVING! This Saturday(the 23rd) I will be going with a group from church to jump out of an airplane in Flora, IN. I am quite excited, and this is something I have always wanted to do. The jump will be tandem, so no worries. I'll be strapped to a professional that doesn't want to die either! Check back for pictures (and hopefully video) next week! For now, I've posted an image from the company website. Just imagine that guy with an even bigger smile. (And if you want to go too, let me know!)


A long, long time ago...

June 6, 1980
Sara, Lynne's mom, was sent home from the hospital at 3am the night before Lynne was born. The doctors said that Sara was in labor but it would be a long time yet. Little did the new parents know...

So, Sara went home and spent the day making quiche and other food to put in the freezer so it could easily be heated up for future breakfasts and dinners. When she had a contraction, Sara would walk around the dining room table until it passed. The next afternoon Sara's water broke while playing backgammon with Lynne's dad. After going to the hospital there was still a long time to wait. They remember 3 shifts of nurses who took care of them – the afternoon shift, the evening shift, and the early morning shift. Bill and Cindy (close family friends) brought Chinese food to eat with Stew in the waiting room (along with a drink to keep him calm). Little help that did, for Stew almost fainted in the delivery room, and all the nurses went to help him instead of the woman in labor! Lynne was born about 19” long, and 6 lbs 2 oz. Sara was really green and really scared because she had never been around babies. Lynne's first diaper change in the hospital was the first diaper she ever changed! Fortunately, she got the hang of it, and the rest is history.
image from flickr.com


The One Day

So today (June 5th) is technically the only day of the year that Lynne and I are the same age (26 right now). It's a nice gap day between our birthdays, and I think it may be Lynne's favorite day of the year since she isn't technically an "older woman" right now, however fleeting that feeling is. :)
image from flickr.com



Today is Kirk's birthday! He is over half way through his 20's...which he now understands why I said it felt weird last year. He is having a pretty crazy day with a phone interview. We are not doing too much tonight...now that we are old...have to be in bed by 9:30 and all! It is a rainy day here in Lafayette, but we are thinking of going out to dinner or having steak at home....

OK, so we went out to dinner and then went shopping for Kirk (something that we have done a lot in the past week since he didn't buy any clothes for over a year!). He is quite impressed by all that we found for his new wardrobe with "free money" (a.k.a. gift cards) thanks to our family.