Celebrating May 22 with Lots of Indiana

So yesterday, May 22, was our three year wedding anniversary! Does that qualify us as an "old" married couple now? Probably not, but when you eat dinner early, are sleepy at 11pm, and spend lots of time at home reading and doing crossword puzzles, you definitely are "old!"

In celebration of the day, Kirk flew back from a business trip in Washington, DC, and then we headed to an elegant dinner at Palomino's in downtown Indy. It was delicious, with the most amazing portobella and crimini mushroom soup, lobster and scallop ravioli, crab cakes, and 6 scoops of a killer berry sorbet! After that filling meal, we headed right across the street for opening night of the new Indiana Jones movie! It did not disappoint, living up to the tradition of the first three films as a fun action/adventure with witty dialogue, fun effects, inconceivable twists, and Harrison Ford rocking the hat and whip (despite his old age). The movie also brought some of the original plot lines full circle, which was a nice touch. Nothing like seeing Indy in Indy!

On the way out of the theater we nabbed a couple Indiana Jones posters (pic below), which Lynne really liked since they have "May 22" in bold lettering at the bottom.