Sitting Up

Eliza has been sitting for the past two weeks. It has made it much more fun during her play times. Most of the time we still keep the Boppy behind her in case of a fall.I have also been trying to let her play with her toes more. Most of the time they are in socks, and so it is always a treat for her to play with them "naked."


Bath Time

Eliza loves taking a bath. We no longer wash her in the kitchen. Instead we have to put her tub in the big tub so that her splashing doesn't get all over!


When You're Not Watching

In the spring, Kirk built up a pile of dirt and sod when making our garden. This fall he and Jerry put the dirt back into our garden, added the old dead grass as compost, and tilled it all up. As Kirk was taking some of the top layers of sod off of the pile, check out what he discovered!
Bees! Lucky for him, only a few flew out of the hive when he unearthed it.

Sadly, it was not a honey bee nest! Kirk promptly poisoned the hive, which had about 20 bees in it, and then had fun peeling the layers off to get a better view of the hive and cells. He was glad that it was a cold day so that the bees weren't too active.


30 Weeks!

I can't believe it has been 7 months since Eliza was born!

It Couldn't Get Worse!

Since the day we moved into our house (two years ago this month!) we have hated these wall sconces in the main bathroom. In the right house they may not be so bad, but in our blue bath they are not so hot. They even had a matching mirror, which we replaced last summer thanks to an awesome mirror we found at a local garage sale! We have looked for two years but couldn't find anything that we liked at a great price to replace these lights, and I have even waited for something to go on special at my store, but no luck. So this week I tried to make something bad a bit better. I hope that it worked. We are happier...for a while at least.

Saying Goodbye

My cell phone died today. I have loved this phone since 2003! It is nothing fancy, but very small and fits in any pocket or clutch just perfectly! I say goodbye with great sadness. I shared so many conversations with you, oh little piece of plastic! Kirk and I had our long conversations until the wee hours of the morning on this phone, and now it will be Eliza's first phone to slobber and drool on!


Trying Something New

This week Eliza got her first sip of water.
She enjoyed chewing the cup more than drinking from it!


When Eliza Gets Hold of the Magazine

Look for her collection upcoming at MOMA!

Our Little Pumpkin

Some of the kids from the 54th block!Here's another one:)
From the movie Austin Powers...
Dancing with the babies