Mustache - Day 15

So here's my admirable 2-week-old 'stache. It's definitely better than last week, but it still isn't growing as well as it would if more people would donate to my Giving Page! I hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving! I enjoyed some turkey and 'Stached-potatoes.


Mustache - Day 5

To keep everyone updated, here is my current 'stache. Still not coming in very well, and at a presentation yesterday, no one noticed that I even was growing one. But you can make the difference. Donate to my Giving Page, help some kids get a better education, and it will cause my follicles to flourish! Any bit helps, so please donate today here.


Mustaches for Kids - Day 1

So I will be posting frequent updates on my mustache growth for the Mustaches for Kids challenge. Please donate in honor of my 'stache on my DonorsChoose.org Giving Page.

After one day of growth, I'm not looking too bad...you can hardly see it, but yes, hairs are sprouting.


Halloween - Juno-style

So we had an excellent Halloween, which included our awesome costumes as Juno and Paulie Bleeker (from the movie Juno, of course), Jerry and Sara coming over with pizza to help hand out candy to trick-or-treaters, Brett and his girlfriend Sarah hanging out, and a fun party with friends at which Lynne and I won the award for best couple's costume. Otis got in on the fun, too, and with the help of an action figure strapped to his back (Atreyu), he made an excellent Falkor.

Compare us to the Juno movie poster! Kirk's outfit composed of Ebay t-shirt, shorts from Dick's, sweatbands from the NBA store in New York City, running shoes, socks, and tic-tacs. Lynne's ourfit composed of clothing purchased one late-night at Wal-mart, along with actual positive pregnancy test.

Brett and Sarah...a nerd and an 80's girl

Lynne, her mom, and Jerry, in his awesome Scream costume...it definitely scared at least a couple kids!

Jerry waiting on the porch with candy. Children beware!

Otis resting after a long flight (as Falkor) with Atreyu (or maybe Bastian, who's to say) strapped to his back.

Our Best Costume trophies...booya!