Baby Boilers, Emo, and Harry's

Last Saturday, we headed up to our old stomping grounds to watch Purdue beat Ohio State at Mackey Arena. It was a very exciting game, and the Baby Boilers notched a quality win over a tough team behind a career game from Marcus Green. Following the game, we were able to celebrate with my ATO little bro Erik Mosley (Emo to everyone who knows him) who made the trip from Cleveland for the game (Emo is the only guy I know as fanatical and emotional about Purdue sports as me, and he's the best person to watch a game with). A short trip to Harry's turned into quite the night as Emo and Rohit firmly secured Fishbowl (THE place to be upstairs at ahhh....smokefree Harry's) and we were later joined by a dozen current ATO's. Good times, and yes, I miss them. Hopefully we'll do this again soon...in March, when Emo and I head to watch the Boilers in the NCAA tournament!



I learned to knit about six months ago and I finished my first project last night thanks to my mom teaching me how to tie up the loose ends. It has been very fun and a picture of the the scarf can be seen below. I realized part-way through that I was knitting a very fine stitch and it took a lot longer because of that. I also like my scarves long and so I kept adding one more ball. Now even Kirk likes it and wore it out last night for Otis' nightly business. Well, off to start a new project so I must be going.


Big Boys Do Big Boy Things

Now that I am getting older I have to do more. I got my last set of shots this week so that I can play with other dogs! I also had my fun cast taken off, and dad wanted to keep it but they could only save a piece of it. He wants to hang it on the tree next year but I don't know if that will really happen (mom doesn't go for all of that stuff). Well, during all that time in the cast, I had forgotten that I had a fourth paw! I am starting to use it more and once I get going it is great to have four again, but I just can't remember it is there sometimes! Well, I got to see my best friend Wesley again and we played lots together! Well, that was fun to have him at my house and show him my room and all my toys! It was really cold this week and I tried out my new cape thanks to grandpa and grandma Steckbeck! It helped keep me warm and since I have had problems flying in the past this should help me grow in my ability to defy gravity! (The one with the "O" is my favorite and I think that it is the one that helps my fly the fastest!) Then this week I had my first haircut! It was a little scary and I didn't like it when my mom left but I was fine...she looked like she was going to cry though. Well, they did a good job and just cleaned me up. It was just to help me not be scared for when they really cut my hair.

My new hair is so soft!


New Years '08

We had a very "funny" New Years Eve with our friends Andrew and Amy. We headed out for dinner and found many places closed! Who wants to lose all the business on New Years Eve? So in the rain we had to try to find a place open in Broad Ripple (who would have thought), but we found a decent pub (that was also showing IU getting whooped in their bowl game, so the boys liked that)! Then we went to Cracker's Comedy Club, and I had tears in my eyes more then once. By going to the early show at 7:30pm we were with the white hair crowd. But we wanted to have time for important things...like playing Wii and having a few drinks.

The next day Kirk and I stayed in our pajamas all day and then had our first fire in the new house. Otis loved the heat as much as I did! It was a great relaxing day to ring in the New Year!