New Years '08

We had a very "funny" New Years Eve with our friends Andrew and Amy. We headed out for dinner and found many places closed! Who wants to lose all the business on New Years Eve? So in the rain we had to try to find a place open in Broad Ripple (who would have thought), but we found a decent pub (that was also showing IU getting whooped in their bowl game, so the boys liked that)! Then we went to Cracker's Comedy Club, and I had tears in my eyes more then once. By going to the early show at 7:30pm we were with the white hair crowd. But we wanted to have time for important things...like playing Wii and having a few drinks.

The next day Kirk and I stayed in our pajamas all day and then had our first fire in the new house. Otis loved the heat as much as I did! It was a great relaxing day to ring in the New Year!

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