so this is what the holidays are like...i'm tired!

sorry for not letting you know how i am but i have been really busy. my parents have taken me all over the place for christmas and i have just been able to catch my breath after all the excitement! first we went up to meet my uncle wesley and grandma marilyn and grandpa stew. it was so much fun there since they let me run around and jump on wesley (that is until this white fluffy dog barked at me to stop). wesley is my new best friend but i don't think he likes me all that much. but grandma marilyn loved on me sooo much that i wasn't sure i wanted to leave. she said that she was going to keep me and that if mom and dad were ever mean to me that i was to call her and she would come right down and save me...so far i don't think that that is going to be a problem since i have worked my parents around my little white paw! well, we played and wesley and i shared food and treats!

then we left michigan and went to west lafayette where there were two more dogs! this time i was at grandma and grandpa smiley's house. they have poco and bailey who i am sure are nice dogs but they bark a lot and didn't want to play with a new puppy. it was a full christmas day with lots of people and lots of smells. i got to see my first friend hayden again! that was great and she let me chase her! she has great toys that fit right in my mouth too.

then it was back down to indianapolis to see my grandma and grandpa steckbeck and their two cats. the cats are twice the size of me and i think that they like me ok (that is, their tails didn't get as big this time as they had before)!

then i got to go see my uncle brett and morgan. i like running around there big basement and that was a big deal since dogs don't come into that house. mom made sure i was extra good and went to the bathroom outside all the time!

after all that i was so tired from being social (well maybe i could have gone to a few more parties)!

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