Otis' First Snow

We had our first snow of the year and it was a wet one! It was the ice on the bottom that really made it. But Otis was a trouper and LOVED going out in it. It was all water for him. I don't think his tongue was ever in his mouth but instead taking full opportunity to drink up all he could...which then lead us to go out more. It seemed to be all part of his little plan! Well to say the least I didn't have to exercise for a few days after shoveling the driveway. We haven't picked up the snow blower from Kirk's parents yet so it was all up to my muscles to get the work done! I will add a picture of it clean to show of the size of the drive for you to feel my pain...or more like my soreness. And don't forget, there was ice underneath the snow too!

Showing off my tongue action here.

He is still out looking for leaves! I think this is the only one right now!

"ok, I'm done now....take me inside!"

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