Falling Out of Airplanes

Sadly, the skydiving experience has been postponed due to large amounts of rain, wind, and cloud cover this weekend. While everyone else is probably excited for the much needed hydration in these parts, I am very disappointed. Lynne, however, promises that I will get to do this before we move, so maybe it will be my "congratulations, you got a job" celebration activity.
UPDATE: We have been rescheduled for July 4th at 10am!! Hopefully I won't get hit by a stray bottle rocket coming down! :)


The Seager Family said...

Shoot. I visited your site just to see the pics. Oh well, next time! Hope all is well in Indy. (Megan and Chase)

Anonymous said...

He was so bummed this weekend. I thought he was mad at me all Friday...but found out he was just preparing himself for the "let down"...sorry had to make the pun! I think that the 4th will be even more memorable so pray that that happens to make my life easier!
Miss you and call when you can!