What shall I do this Saturday?

If you're me, the answer to that question is SKYDIVING! This Saturday(the 23rd) I will be going with a group from church to jump out of an airplane in Flora, IN. I am quite excited, and this is something I have always wanted to do. The jump will be tandem, so no worries. I'll be strapped to a professional that doesn't want to die either! Check back for pictures (and hopefully video) next week! For now, I've posted an image from the company website. Just imagine that guy with an even bigger smile. (And if you want to go too, let me know!)


Brittney Kayla said...


You have GOT to let Rob and I know how it went... Skydiving has been a small dream of ours forever! Blog it, shoot me an email afterwards, or talk to me at Turkey Day (if you guys are attending of course!)... Enjoy every second!

The Seager Family said...

Is Lynne going too? You guys are nuts!