So Tired...But So Happy!

We were really motivated to unpack the first week here since we were expecting our first house guest (the little yellow monster)! Between Hayden and Otis, Kirk and I were worn out all week! It was wonderful to spend four days with her while Mark and Lynn were running a conference. We had fun playing, cooking, and reading (as well as more laundry then ever before!). I don't think there was an hour that we didn't talk about which one pooped last or who needed to go soon! Hayden and Otis played really well together and she always wanted to pet him or take him around on the leash. "So soft" and "so little" is how she described "Odis." "I so happy" is said by her often and is a very catching phrase. It is amazing to see life through the simplicity of her eyes. She is a totally awesome little girl, which isn't surprising since she has totally awesome parents. We are excited to have them all down again soon to visit, but now without the one monster the other one is a piece of cake!

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The Seager Family said...

They are both adorable!