Meet Otis!

So we have had him about two weeks now and he is so wonderful. We fell in love the first night. We moved on Saturday he arrived two days later! He is growing a lot right now. Around 2.5 lbs. at the moment and he will get to be about 10 lbs. He is now letting us sleep through the night (which is awesome!) and we are really trying to get him used to the crate. He is OK in there as long as he hears us talking and in the same room as he is. Otis is understanding the whole outside thing pretty well too, and once his schedule gets settled we will know more of when he needs to go. We definitely love to have him in our new home and look forward to training him more on come, sit, and put down.


The Seager Family said...

That getting up in the night thing is just getting you guys ready to someday be parents. Enjoy it now!

Asher said...

Falkor was an awesome name. Otis is good too, but i never knew an Otis that could fly. Hes so small and cute. Great to hear that he is working out well.