More Thankful Than Ever!

So we spent the holiday with my Grandma Sara's side of the family at their 6th annual State Park Thanksgiving trip. I met a lot of new relatives like uncle Wyatt, uncle Brett, Grandpa Jerry, and I loved aunt Scout but she lives in Oregon and I wont see her much. But, I did get to go on my first hike! I was too slow for everybody and tried to pick up every leaf, so mom made me ride in dad's backpack, which is OK since it smells like him and all the places it has been (like Thailand which is where they met). Anyway, everyone thought that I did a great job hiking and didn't wiggle in the backpack at all. Hey, I tried to keep my eyes open but it all starts looking the same...tree after tree and since I can't hike my leg yet on them they don't interest me too much...I just like the leaves! Thanks to Grandma who let me out for a while to walk (that is until the hill got too steep for her and she had to pass me back to mom). Grandma never liked puppies until me...mom says that I must be really special if Grandma loves me so much. I like Grandma because she is always letting me out of my cage so that I can get into trouble...that is until mom sees me eating something so enticing from the floor! So we got back home Saturday and I was forced to take a bath before I was allowed on the couch, I guess that is the price I pay for hiking! So I am very thankful this year, just like my parents, for my family and my toys (since it is the only thing they let me chew now)!
This is me...doing what I love to do best when I am killing the time while my parents are forcing me in the yard and telling me to "go pee!" Still can't figure out what they are wanting but it is fun to watch them...and chew....

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The Seager Family said...

Otis is adorable. I miss you. Call me soon!