Looking Back at Last Week

It was a busy week, and we took pictures but didn't have time to post them! After Eliza's doctor appointment I stopped at the Whole Foods and got her some of her very own food! Over the week I made a few different foods for her to try. The point right now is just for her to be introduced to different tastes and textures. I have made butternut squash, acorn squash, and sweet potato. I still have carrots, barley, and peas to make this week. Since she only can eat one new food every 5 days, she has only tried the butternut squash so far. The rest is in the freezer and will be good for the next two months.

Here are the baby freezer trays that we got for her food since they are BPA free and come with lids!

She is still not a fan of solids but she ate more than ever before.

Waiting for Halloween

I got home from work on Thursday night and found Eliza hooked onto her daddy. She wanted to be held the whole night and Kirk couldn't get anything done, so he put her in the Bjorn. Aren't they cute?!!

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Kelley said...

Oh, what a big girl! Please tell her that I'm so proud of her for trying new things - I know it's not easy :) I love her face behind all that butternut squash. It's like, "are you kidding me?? ugh!"