This Could Be the End

You never know when the last warm day of Fall might be or when the last weekend of garage sales is going to happen. That's what got me out of my warm bed on Saturday to hit the road, and I am so glad that I did! We found some items that were on our list to possibly "buy at full price," and that's the best kind of find! There are a many different styles of bartering, and Kirk has been trying to change my habit of offering an amont when something isn't tagged, to instead ask and see first what the seller wants for it! This weekend I tried his method and it worked well! It just proves that every person values things differently. I found the Cookie Jar (see earlier post) but there was no price tag on it, so I asked the lady what she wanted, and she said 50 cents. If I had made an offer first, I was going to ask if she would take $2, which would have still been a steal! I later saw an older model Cookie Jar for $3!

Here are a few other pictured items we found:
A pool float with a sunshade which will be great down in Florida!

Stuffed animals are not something we have ever bought for Eliza (and this is probably the only time that you will see me buy one at a garage sale), but this one was in great shape and says the body parts that you push! I had read reviews and a lot of moms love this stuffed dog.

We also found a Pink Placemat from Kiddopotamus that we got for only 25 cents.

We also cleaned the exersaucer that the Hults family gave us before they moved to Atlanta. Eliza is a little tired in the picture, so she wasn't terribly interested in it, but we think this will be fun for her to hang out in. One cool feature: the house has a recording setting which allows us to record a message to Eliza and when she hits the big button, it now plays "Hi Eliza, mommy and daddy love you."

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