Fall Weekend

Two weekends ago, we went on our second fall getaway with our house church (a.k.a. Bible study group). Last year Otis got to go, but this year he stayed with his grandparents. We thought that one kid would be enough! We had a blast at Lin and Joe's house, and thank them for opening up their home to us. We played Family Feud, went on a walk, visited a bee keeper, shared good food, and had a sing along! The weekend was a full one! In the past year we have definitely grown close to these people and see them as family. See Alex and Sonja's blog for more on the weekend, and on the bee adventure. We can't wait until next year! Also, thank you Alex for being our photographer for the weekend!

Eliza in her jumper
Being an alligator...or as we say...she is "alligatoring" it
The group went on a walk while Eliza and I took a nap.
Playing Family Feud

This is our ad campaign for honey. We really did buy all this!
A very passionate bee keeper and his son. They were wonderfully kind to us, and answered hundreds of questions...that is not an exaggeration!
Having our sing along time. Eliza was a bit tired and didn't know what to make of all our ruckus.

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