Job Update

We returned from a wedding weekend in Indy on Sunday (congrats Russ and Annie!) to some promising news. Kirk had a second phone interview with World Vision for a finance position on Monday. It went really well, and he really enjoyed the people/potential supervisor. They said their desired hiring window was "soon," but Kirk was shocked when the next day he got a call to set up a face-to-face interview at the World Vision office in Washington, D.C. WV is one of the top five organizations that Kirk was hoping to work for. Lynne was excited to see a company finally respond in a timely manner (they have their stuff together there). So, we will be flying out to DC on Wednesday afternoon, August 1 through Friday evening, August 3. The interview is Thursday morning (be praying!) and will last about half the day, and the rest of our time out there will we spent looking around to see where we could afford to live that was the closest to the office (WV's office is by Union Station, if you know the area and have a suggestion :) We've both got some friends out there that we are hoping to see and pick their brains, and hopefully the WV staff will have a lot of suggestions. Quite excited!! We'll keep you posted.
Photo by Keith Stanley


meredithemerick said...

So excited for you both! Good luck on the interview, Kirk. Ty and I love DC!

Lynne- said...

Oh, Good! Come visit soon...miss you both!!!! Love L