Movie Days

Since we have had some stressful days (or weeks) while waiting to hear back from these organizations on a job, we have decided that each week we are still here we will go to the movies as a treat! Garage sales are winding down, and Lynne is a little scared of having to downsize when we move so buying things (even used and cheap) isn't as appealing. Previously, we would go to the theater about two or three times per year since normally our movies come free from the library! So, we are going to let you all know what we have seen and do our own short reviews (Kirk used to be so into films that he could write serious academic reviews of these movies, but who wants to read that, and who has time to write them when looking for a job?). Hopefully our list will not be too long since we would still like to get jobs and move!

8/4--Bourne Ultimatum: A-

(full disclosure: Kirk owns Bourne Identity and loves it but has not read the Ludlum books)

This is what we missed for so long by not going to the theater. A movie like this is made to be enjoyed on the large screen. Amazing action scenes that leave you breathless, jaw-dropped, and cheering for more (or in Kirk's, laughing at the coolness of it all). The plot was pretty good, the acting was also excellent for an action movie. I'll be sad to see someone else take Matt Damon's place if they make more (ala Bond, as Damon has confirmed this was his last Bourne movie), but this was a great note to go out on. Overall, superior to Bourne #2 and on par with the wonderful Bourne #1. Warning: don't sit too close to the screen. All the extreme editing and quick camera angle jumps can lead to motion sickness.

8/11--Becoming Jane: B
Yes, Kirk got roped into seeing this ultimate chick flick, but despite what some guys may think, this movie is far more entertaining than a tradition romantic comedy. If you are looking for a great biopic about Jane Austen, this may not be the movie for you. Instead, the film takes a 20-something Jane and fictionalizes most of her life and events that could/would lead to her becoming the famed author that could write so poignantly. The story combines elements of her novels (especially Pride and Prejudice), and it does so very well. Even Kirk is a fan of her work, so it made for a fun yet interesting film. The cinematography and settings/costumes were very well done, and the dialogue was clever and never forced. The acting however was only average, especially when compared to some of the film adaptations of her novels that have a superior cast.

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meredithemerick said...

Well, I have to say I laughed out loud a several parts as well. What a great ride...and I don't think that 4 is totally out of the question. He is just getting a bit old for it. I like this movie review stuff...keep it coming!