New York Part 1 - DonorsChoose.org

So last week I had the opportunity to spend Tuesday-Friday in New York City for my job with DonorsChoose.org. We had an amzing all-staff conference where I not only learned a ton but also had the pleasure of meeting so many of my wonderful coworkers (who, since I am solo in Indiana, have never met before). It was a ridiculously fun and inspiring time, complete with days packed with thought-provoking sessions and evenings filled with (to name a few things), dinner and drinks at our founder's brownstone, a funk concert in Brooklyn (Go Maceo!), a subway adventure to Harlem at 2:30am, rooftop views of the city, random delicious eateries (mmm...Creperie at 1am!), Burgers and Cupcakes (yes, both at the same time), and fun chats with new friends. Pictures (hopefully) to come, courtesy of my colleagues.

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