Fantasy Football Update

So Week 1 is in the books, and I narrowly edged my fantasy football opponent by 2 points (161-159) to log my first win of the season. It was a nail-biter as a third quarter touchdown catch by Darrell Jackson in the late Monday Night Football matchup almost did me in. Also, my men have been spared the injury bug so far as, thankfully, I didn't have Brady, Colston, Burleson, Merriman, et al. This week, be sure to root AGAINST Hasselback, Stephen Jackson, Hines Ward, Larry Johnson, and Braylon Edwards.

In other football notes...how about them Bears?! Yes, it was an awesome game, and despite having to hit the road really early on Monday morning for work, I watched the entire game. Poor, poor Colts fans. I guess I can proudly sport my NFC Champion Bears shirt this week (if only I were actually in Indy and not out of town).
Forte had a great game running the ball...can he keep it up, and how did our O-line get so good all of a sudden?

Alex Brown bringing down Mr. Manning. Will the D keep up the trend and resemble the Super Bowl team instead of the geriatric team of last season?

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