So the day before Christmas Eve proved to be quite eventful. Lynne received a call at about 4:45pm, from our awesome neighbor Meg, informing us that our other neighbor's dead tree, which lives dangerously close to our garage, had broke in the storm and landed in our backyard. Miraculously, the huge limb missed our garage by about 6 inches, and the length of the tree spanned our entire yard yet fell diagonally, avoiding our house. It knocked out all of our power and cabling, but that was fixed by 9:30pm, despite a rain and ice storm. Huge thanks to our other neighbor, Alisha, too, for letting us hang out at her place (and Otis played with Izzy). Kirk spent about two hours in the rain cutting off the smaller branches and then inching the tree across the yard so that we could put our cars in the garage and avoid the stormy weather. By borrowing his dad's chainsaw, he's turning this accident into some nice firewood, too. Here's hoping our neighbor gets his two remaining dead trees taken care of so that they don't crush our garage!

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