Baby Furniture - Part I

This morning the baby's crib arrived, and the delivery guys were even tasked with the fun job of assembling the giant piece of furniture. It's quite a gorgeous crib, and we can't thank Marilyn and Stew enough for it. We know that she will love it, and it converts into a great little bed, too! Of course, she's already getting spoiled from her grandma and grandpa, since this is now the nicest piece of furniture in the house :)

This weekend we'll have fun priming and painting her room, moving more furniture, putting some new fabric over some pieces, and (maybe) saying goodbye to my desk as it moves to the basement. Only major thing left to prep for her room will be acquiring a dresser/changing table, so we may have a fun Friday night at Babies R Us.

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Megan said...

That crib is gorgeous. Beyond gorgeous. I am getting excited and have started to sew. Be looking for a package in the next couple of weeks!