Bear down Chicago Bears!

I'm glad the baby didn't choose to arrive this afternoon, because I may have missed the news of what was the most impactful off-season move in my lifetime as a Bears fan. The Bears traded for Jay Cutler, the best quarterback to (soon) play for the Bears in my lifetime (and since pre WWII). Totally wasn't expecting that, and they picked up a probowl left tackle to protect him. Definitely excited and looking forward to the NFL season more now!

Alas, the excitement over the new Chicago arrival also brings some sadness as Boilermaker Kyle Orton heads to Denver. Maybe he'll get the chance there that many fans didn't want to give him in Chicago.

In an attempt to spread the Bears joy across the world, I went to this funny little site I learned of today, called omegle, where people, for no apparent reason, talk to one random stranger at a time. To see if there were any true Bears fans out there across the Interwebs, I began each conversation with "Bear down..." to see who could pick up the rest of the first line of the Chicago Bears Fight Song (Bear down Chicago Bears, pretty simple). Sadly, after about 100 attempts to elicit the correct response, I had been cussed at, spoken to in spanish, french, and portugese, and told "rawr" many times. And then, in the perfect case of "be careful what you wish for," I had a random chatter respond in a way that I KNEW that THEY knew what I was talking about. Of course, that response came in the form of

Me: Bear down...
Stranger: F*** the Bears

I later learned that his dislike for a certain former coach, from a certain city, who could single handedly beat the Giants (Ditka, if you aren't following the Superfans reference) was the cause of his distaste for the Bears. So I found one random person somewhere in the world who understood my opening line, but who hated the Bears. Great.

Anyway, now all we need is a receiver and a safety, and we should be good for 19 wins...right?

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Alex said...

that is hilarious...