Overcoming Your Fears

  I know that I have been missing in action for a long time. I have been very busy making sure my house is as secure as a castle. With a new sister around my job has become even more of a burden. Around Christmas a new moving "thing" came into our house (I can't understand what my parents call it but it is some tall thingamajig). At first I was very scared of it and for good reason! Things would fall out of the sky and hit me! But after sleeping on the idea, I realized that I had to overcome my fear. And I was also seeing a trend that food often falls from this high place. So, yes a toy or cup might hit me, but I am also seeing a great opportunity.

I have reached the promised land! I have witnessed food falling from above. Manna from heaven, raining down like a gift. I have learned that it is best to face your fears head on because you might find out the result is better than you could have imagined.

So yes, in the past I went to extreme measures to get away from this thing, like jumping into the shower with my mom (that is a post in and of itself but I had good reason! It was scary!). I have turned over a new bone. However, I still stay on the pads of my paws just in case I do get hit by non-edible items!

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