It Don’t Mean a Thing…

Any given evening you could take a walk around our house, looking at our yard and our driveway, and you wouldn’t see any signs that a kid lived inside.  I kind of prided myself on that.  No toys sitting in the driveway or laying in the grass (getting filthy all day and night) because they were all organized and stored in the garage.  I can’t say that anymore.  The yard has a bit of a permanent eyesore, albeit a fun one.

I built a swing for Eliza this weekend.  You can see that she’s already having a great time with it.  She loves to giggle as I run toward her or sneak behind her to push her higher.  She also enjoys trying to kick me as I tickle her feet.  Hopefully she’ll get a lot of use out of it as long as we live in this house (the frame can support over 300 pounds, so I think we’re set).

And yes, I know you are all eagerly waiting for posts about our Paris trip.  Don’t worry, they are coming.  It just takes a while to sort through over 3,000 photos!

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Megan said...

I pride myself on having a house that is for my kids! Haha. I wish I had a basement like you. Our backyard...patio...whatever has all kinds of toys. You need a playhouse. Eliza would be in love.