The garden continues to do pretty well. Getting to eat okra every day is such a treat – I can’t believe that until last year I barely ate the stuff! Also, cucumbers are so delicious, and I love having them daily, too. My tomatoes are starting to slowly gain color and grow, and I’m really looking forward to them (pink and yellow varieties). We’ve devoured all the green beans but planted more, have tons of chard, herbs, and lettuce. I was so pleased to find out today that some of my peppers are growing. The first round I planted failed miserably this year, but some from my second round have just started showing signs of life.

The green onions have gotten enormous but still taste fantastic, and the leeks are getting thicker and thicker. I can’t wait to have some leek soup this fall and put some on the grill. I’m also collecting dill and cilantro seed to keep in with our spices (they taste fantastic). Also, my fennel is still growing strong and getting thicker, so I look forward to experimenting with my (disappointing) fennel allergy to see what I can actually handle without getting sick.

The big news (and reason for the title of the post) is that my corn came in! This is my first year growing corn, so I am really excited that not only did it work well, the first ears have tasted delicious! And since Eliza discovered her love for corn ON the cob this weekend, she’s already helping me eat it. She’s got some chompers on her!


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