Purdue Football With a Three-Year-Old

College football season is back!  This weekend I made plans to take Eliza to the first game of the season (her first game in two years) as a daddy/daughter date.  The weather was looking horrible, put the rain all came down before we got to the stadium, and other than being incredibly hot and muggy, it was a fine day for a game.

Eliza really enjoyed the game, especially the cheers, band, and cheerleaders (nothing has changed in two years), and it helped that Purdue won in a rout, 48-6.  You can read my recap of the game at my Purdue blog.  Eliza got lots of compliments on her vintage Purdue cheerleader dress (thanks random garage sale!), and she loved the attention from all the college girls and old grandmas. Some Eliza highlights (also listed on the other blog) are below:

  • We ate a lot of goldfish
  • She was so much better behaved than the three little girls sitting behind us.  Eliza would stare at them as they rolled on the ground, whined, and bumped into us.
  • She loved doing the 1-2-3-4, First Down! chant
  • Every time Purdue scored I’d toss her in the air, which she really enjoyed, and she’d yell, "Tuckdown!"
  • "Those guys are bigger than you, daddy."
  • Can we go sit with Grandma now?”
  • "Can we go meet the cheerleaders now?"  Not sure how they would have felt about her boots, so not to dress code.
  • What was your favorite part? "The cheerleaders, daddy."
  • Do you want to play football when you get bigger (please say no, please say no)? “No, I want to play basketball!”






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