Tonight's Activities

Tonight we are off to Indy to see Kirk's (& now mine as well) favorite musician BEN HARPER at the Murat! Kirk is very excited. They are doing a more classy performance on this tour so we are dressing up and having a night out on the town! We hope you all have a great weekend enjoying something you love as well (like Purdue football!).

For those of you who have never listened to Ben Harper (w/ or w/o his band The Innocent Criminals), you are really missing out. Kirk was first introduced to them through a fraternity brother. During his freshmen year, one of Kirk's ATO bros from California (where Ben Harper was better known) wanted to go to a concert at Univ. of IL but didn't have a car. He offered a free ticket to anyone willing to drive him. Kirk said he was interested, and after listening to a few songs offered to drive. The show was a small intimate affair and simply breathtaking, and Kirk was hooked for life. Harper is definitely an amazingly talented writer and performer, and his songs vary so much that there is something for everyone (Diamonds on the Inside is my favorite). Check him out (or ask Kirk to send you some tracks)!

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The Seager Family said...

How fun. We totally know Ben Harper out here! I went to a concert when I was at Cal Poly. Definitely some reefer going on...smelly.