Travel Weekend

I am out of town most of this weekend, so everyone call Kirk & keep him from getting too bored (although he does get to go to a Purdue football game)! The Riverside Pastoral Search Committee is going on a little trip to visit a potential candidate. This has been a rather overwhelming task over the past 6+ months. I would think (& pray) long & hard before jumping on board this kind of project/committee in the future. Wisdom is the biggest thing that I have been praying for during this time, since it just makes me feel so unsure when all these people have great potential. It has been a great group of people to serve with & walk through this experience together (with much laughter involved). So I will be packing up (I will leave the red heals at home) & heading out for a road trip with these very fun people that I serve alongside. Hope you all enjoy your weekends too!

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