Books, Books, and MORE Books!

So if you know us at all, you know we LOVE books! There is no better Friday then a book sale Friday, which only comes four times a year! Did we happen to mention that we live right across the street (literally 20 steps) from our county library?!!!! Pictured below is about an average weekend haul for us (we go back Saturday and Sunday too, and Sunday is half price)! Yes, we own way too many books! So, tonight at 7:10 (that is when we get in line as long as it isn't too cold) we will be unavailable to answer our phone. We hope you all have a great weekend as well and enjoy the fall football weather!
(subsitute Cubs hats on this confused couple from jcrew)

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meredithemerick said...

So jealous...Ty and I also used to come away with quite a haul from the book sales... we miss them. Hope the spoils are good. miss you!