Wow, Monday was a BIG night!

So, reading below you see that we found out about a new addition to the family tonight, and now we know where he will be running around. We have a house! We found out at about 10pm that we got our first choice rental house! We were competing with two other couples, so we had no clue what to expect, but it all worked out. Lynne was so excited she was jumping up and down in the dining room. So here are some pics of our new place. It is a three bedroom and the third bedroom will be my office since I may be working from home a little bit early on. The office has the most amazing built-in bookshelves (yes, for which to place the spoils of my booksale addiction). There is a year-round sunroom, an amazing spacious kitchen with gas stove, a beautifully manicured and landscaped lawn, a two-car garage (hooray!), perfect hardwoods throughout, a fireplace, and a clean, coated, painted, and well-lit basement with an amazing washer and dryer room. Also, Lynne likes to remind me that the stone and brick in front look like a mini-ATO. :)

We were looking in the Broad Ripple area, and this house is on Capitol near 54th about 2 miles southeast of the ripple, and it was so much nicer than what we could find just south of the park. Also, it's near Meridian which is nice for Kirk since he may be working downtown once they secure him some office space. The neighborhood is VERY nice, but we are sad that we won't be there in time for trick-or-treaters this year. Tons of thanks goes to Sara, Jerry, Kevin, and Tammy for finding this place on their long "house-hunting" bike ride. This place was the best rental house they found, and we couldn't have agreed more!
Description: Nicely finished brick ranch in the Butler-Tarkington neighborhood. 3 nicely sized bedrooms, a sunroom, & a basement. Newer stainless steel appliances & hardwoods through-out. 1414 sq. ft. / 2828 sq. ft. with basement


meredithemerick said...

I say this with all the love and joy that I have in my heart...so glad for you both and couldn't be happier for you, but...you suck. Having a hard time not being jealous of the house, the neighborhood and the job! Congrats on all fronts! Love you, mer.

The Seager Family said...

It is gorgeous! Yipee!

Carol said...

Congratulations on the job, the house and the little cutie.I am thrilled that you will be in Indy!!Love, Carol