Kentucky in the Snow

This weekend was an adventure. To celebrate John getting married, a few of us decided to take a weekend away in the backwoods of Kentucky to hang out, hike, drink beer, eat steaks, watch basketball, play poker, and do other manly things. The plan sounded great until the forecast called for blizzard and icy conditions from Indianapolis into all of Kentucky. Lacking better judgement (and not wanting to eat the cost of the cabin), we ventured to Rogers, Kentucky, about an hour southeast of Lexington. When I say "we," I mean one car containing myself, coming from a work trip in Evansville, IN, and another car of Andrew, John, Russ, and Sean, coming from Indy about two hours later. I missed most of the bad Friday weather; the others weren't so lucky, but after having to get out to push Russ up and down a hill, they made it safe and sound. The cabin and area were spectacular and definitely someplace we all hope to make an annual trip (maybe with the women as well). As the ice and snow continued to come down Friday night and all of Saturday, it didn't look like we would be able to make it through the hills to depart on Sunday, but it warmed up a bit, the sun came out to melt the ice, and (sadly) we headed home. It was definitely a great weekend with the guys, but it took another couple days just to recover. We didn't get in as much hiking or state park/national forest time, since we couldn't move our cars, but we still had plenty of fun throwing snowballs and sledding down the road. Congrats John, and thanks for planning the trip Andrew!

The cabin, "Big Ron's House"

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