Last Week's Vacation - Part 1

So, we didn't post about our vacation during it (hey, we were relaxing!), so I'm catching up now. We were able to spend about 7 days on a road trip to and around South Carolina. Leaving Saturday afternoon, we began the 12.5 hour drive to Charleston, stopping somewhere south of Asheville, NC for a little sleep. We rolled into Charleston at about 12:30pm on Sunday, just in time to catch brunch at the Hominy Grill on the northside of historic Charleston. This local tradition, which we learned about on an Anthony Bourdain "No Reservations" special, lived up to expectations, especially with the "big nasty" I ate, which consisted of a giant biscuit, fried chicken breast, sausage gravy, and shredded white cheddar cheese. Oh, it was good, and it started the wonderful trend of eating well (and way too much) on our trip.

After that, we headed to the heart of the downtown to walk around the beautiful streets, admire the architecture, visit and old graveyard, and take a horse-drawn carriage around the city on a tour.

For dinner, Kirk was excited to get some seafood, and he enjoyed 14 raw oysters, she-crab soup, and hush puppies, while Lynne dined on a shrimp and scallop casserole. Mmmmmm...

After that, we headed to our condo on Edisto Island, about one hour southwest of the city. Thanks mom and dad for the timeshare!

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