Vacation - Part 2

Monday was our day to relax and unwind on the island. Unfortunately, it was overcast and kind of cold. We spent the morning walking on the beach and finding shells (along with many beached jellyfish). We had a nice lunch (fish tacos) and dinner (ribs) while laying around, playing cards, and (happily) not driving anywhere.

On Tuesday, we headed off to Magnolia plantation outside Charleston to see the beatiful grounds, tour a plantation home, and meet some new animal friends in an empty petting zoo (not many kids at the plantation at 10am, just us and the retirees :)

Later that day, we took a boat tour from Charleston to Fort Sumter, which was really cool. We got to learn a lot about the Civil War, and it was fun to be out on the water (even though it was still kind of cool).

We ended the day with dinner at Hyman's Seafood, known for the best seafood in Charleston, and it was delicious. Crab dip, boiled peanuts, fried oysters, buffalo shrimp, and crab cakes with no filler...mmmm....the good eats continue. Driving back to the island at night was an adventure, but beatiful as the headlights shine on the live oaks stretched out over the road.

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