Garage Sale - From the other perspective

On Saturday, the Butler-Tarkington neighborhood had it's annual garage sale. Lynne and I jumped at the opportunity to get rid of some stuff and make a little money. My mom, sister, and grandma also provided lots of stuff (some leftover from their sale earlier this summer in Lafayette). Our neighbors also got in on the act, bringing over some things that definitely beefed up our stash for eager shoppers, and Lynne's mom and Jerry supplied some books, a gas tank, and the single item that got the most attention all day: an electric scooter! We also had fun competing with our other neighbors who had a sale across the street, to see who could bring in more $$ (and more people!). Overall, it was a lot of fun, we sold a fair amount, made some money, and had a fun and beautiful not-too-warm day hanging out with our neighbors, and playing with Otis, and his girlfriend (Izzy). Also, I know have a car full (literally, no room left) of stuff to take to Goodwill!

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