I'm Super-Famous

Since no one has responded to the previous post, I'm thinking that no one reads our blog...but you should, because I'm super-famous, and a blog of a famous person should get lots of traffic! What, you don't think I'm a celebrity? Replay Photos begs to differ. Replay Photos is a new company that partners with different universities to sell pictures from their sporting events and various traditions, and this morning I had an e-mail advertising a $35 coupon to purchase a picture online, so I checked out the website to see what was available. Since Purdue football is tanking right now, I was naturally drawn to men's basketball, where out of 19 pictures available, I am one of them: http://www.replayphotos.com/purduephotostore/mens-sports-print/the-st-valentines-day-massacre_12223.cfm

Now everyone in the world can buy a picture of me holding an awesome sign (credits to Jason Shore on the artwork) and hang it in a prime place in their home. Shouldn't I get a cut of these profits?

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