Mustaches Are (Apparently) Awesome!

Much to Lynne's dismay, starting in November I will be growing a mustache! Why, you ask (especially given that the Smiley clan is not well known for facial hair)? Because Mustaches for Kids is an awesome organization that benefits DonorsChoose.org! Mustaches for Kids (or M4K) is a national organization with chapters around the country which recruit men to grow mustaches for one month to benefit a charity. We are starting a brand new chapter in Indianapolis (http://www.m4kindy.blogspot.com/), and I will be actively participating. Of course, the goal is to raise donations through DonorsChoose.org, so I've created a Giving Page for the challenge (as all mustache growers will be doing). Check out the sidebar for a widget linking to my challenge page, and you can also access it here. Donations are greatly appreciated!

Growing season starts November 13th, but feel free to donate at any time. The official end of the growing season (and projected funeral for my 'stache) is December 13th, but I am planning on vowing to keep the mustache longer if I get a ton of donations.

To get you all excited, here's the mustache-mascot for our Indianapolis chapter!

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