Midnight in the Garden

This may be my last post this year about our garden.  We had the driest August in Indiana history and the hottest since 1974, so the crops have been a bit confused.  Coupled with our 40-degree weather in early October, it’s made for a strange growing season, and it may be getting back into the 80’s again this week.  Poor confused vegetables!

Right now we still have some traditionally early summer crops that are ripe, like cucumbers and raspberries (which Eliza continues to devour).  My late summer planting of green beans is about ready to harvest, and our Swiss chard and herbs continue to grow strong.  We’ve harvested about half our leeks and green onions for various dishes (including some excellent potato leek soup).   Our tomato plants, after a slow start, went crazy.  Our yellow tomatoes have been the best, and after only one pink heirloom tomato, we now have had many, and they continue to grow (although I’m a bit worried since none have turned from green to pink in about a week).  Poblano, jalapeno, and other bell-type peppers are growing great now too after a slow start.

The real star of the show is the okra.  I have about 20 plants which have all been providing regular pods for months.  We’ve had to give some away to family and neighbors since we have so much, and that’s even with Eliza eating a bunch every other day and us eating it daily throughout July and August.  While growth has slowed, I’m still harvesting daily.  One over-achieving okra plant has now grown over 11 feet tall!  Maybe I should let Guinness know?
















Otherwise, I eagerly await my fall crops – radishes, lettuces of many types, peas, and more green beans!

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