Eliza’s First Football Game

Last weekend was Homecoming at Purdue, so we headed north and spent the weekend in West Lafayette.  We were especially excited to take Eliza to her first football game, and she was such a trooper and made it through the entire game despite it being her normal nap time.  We were lucky to have seats in the first row with lots of space for her to move around and play while also being able to see the band and cheerleaders, which she enjoyed.  She can already say “football!” and it’s definitely her favorite sport to watch.

The weekend was also a great chance to see my family, see some of our great friends, visit the fraternity, and wax nostalgic at Kokoro in downtown Lafayette as we walked around our old neighborhood.  Purdue also won the game which always guarantees a good Homecoming!

Drew Brees – Bobblehead Big Ten IconIMG_1616

We got into the stadium really early so that Eliza could take it all inIMG_1632

Eliza loved yelling into the megaphone!IMG_1647


Eliza loved being in the front row where she could see the actionIMG_1668

Cool ladies in their cool sunglassesIMG_1681

I think she’s trying to read the banner upside downIMG_1701

Eliza made a few friends during the game and had fun clappingIMG_1739

Eliza loved the world’s largest drumIMG_1764

We definitely had great seats to watch Rob Henry (quarterback) and Dan Dierking (running back) dominate the gameIMG_1773

Fake the hand-off and get a huge block from a little guy…IMG_1782

…and that’s a touchdown Boilers!IMG_1789

The extra point is good (even though this picture totally makes it look like the Minnesota player got a hand on itIMG_1792

Kawann Short with the monster sackIMG_1802

Boiler Up!

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Alex said...

Awesome pics! I feel like I was there. :)