This year Eliza loved Halloween and was really able to tell what was going on.  We got to do many of her favorite things like go outside, see her neighborhood friends, and put things in a basket – it’s those simple pleasures, right?  She doesn't know what she collected but she still said "please" and "thank you" to all the neighbors on our block who greeted her at their doors.  We also headed over to our friends’ house for a bit, and Eliza loved playing the piano and having her first taste of rice crispy treats. It was such a fun night. It makes me excited for Christmas!

Checking out her loot

Eliza and the neighborhood pirates (Nicholas, Jack, and Brodie the tiger)Eliza and Frankenstein (Preston)Can’t leave any candy behind! Eek, a swarm of bees! (Elle and Wrigley)Eliza had to take everything out of her basket (and then put it all back in again).  Eliza has fun getting the candy, and daddy has fun eating it!We went to our friends’ place for a costume party, and at the last minute, Kirk came up with a good costume idea.  He went as our garden, covered in okra plants that he pulled that evening with giant leaves of Swiss chard all over his head.  Eliza had fun calling daddy “Okra!” all night.Eliza had so much fun playing Sonja’s piano and singing.  I think she was working on a little “Flight of the Bumblebee,” ha!

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