Easter 2011

For over a month Eliza would get excited whenever she saw Easter eggs, begging her daddy to hide them outside.  But Easter turned out to be quite rainy, so we had to celebrate (and let Eliza hunt for eggs) inside.  At church we celebrated our friend Tony’s baptism (perfect day for it, right?) and Eliza went to the 2 and 3 year old room for the second time.   She gets a little overwhelmed by all the kids running around, but after a few minutes of playing with the toy kitchen she really seems to settle in and interact with some of the less rowdy boys and girls.  Her favorite activity at Sunday school is sitting at the children’s table to eat a snack and drink out of a Dixie cup.  Last Sunday she had to take the cup home with her, it was so exciting.

Of course the real joy of Easter was not overlooked as we praised the risen Lord.  This year it has been great sharing our faith with Eliza, and over the last month we’ve began to pray together.   She thanks God for her food, her water, and her ice.  If we leave one of those three out we will have to pray again.  There have been times where we pray five or more times during a meal.  We’re working on praying for other things, like our family and friends.

After church we headed home to open a few Easter gifts and hunt for eggs around the house.  Eliza loved the search and finding nickels inside the eggs for her piggy bank.  Then we headed to Gram and Papa’s house for lunch with Cece (Cindy) and Steve.  We don’t get to see Cindy and Steve very often (and sadly they’ll be moving to South Carolina soon) but Eliza talks about Cece all the time – it’s hard to resist her smile and curly hair!

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Seagers said...

This last picture is gorgeous. Eliza is beautiful!!!