Eliza Turned Two!

Celebrating Eliza’s birthday this year was quite fun for us.  Eliza knew what was coming as the day approached, and she loved asking us to sing the “Happy Birthday” song to her.  Kirk was able to take a long lunch with us and we had a great family day.  It was perfect and we had a lot of fun together and some great laughs.

When I was around Eliza’s age my grandfather made me a doll house.  I loved it and played with it for many years.  It hadn’t been touched for almost twenty-five years (I can’t believe I’m so old!) and needed a good cleaning and “renovation.”  I didn’t realize how much time it would take to “flip” a doll house, and a few weeks before her birthday my dad helped me get the project started.  After a lot of sanding and delicate painting, it was done…at least for now.  I even added some pink shutters to the outside that I think my grandfather would have liked.  However, he’d probably be mad that I painted the wooden trim white, although I left the stairs as-is under strict family orders.

Eliza got new furniture for the doll house thanks to her grandparents.  This was definitely needed since some of the older furniture is thinner and easily broken.  She loves moving the dolls throughout the house, changing the baby on the changing table, and having them all cook in the kitchen.  Of course she has to put them all to bed, too.

We went to Patachou for lunch since it’s one of Eliza’s favorites.  She loves their French toast – and this time she had it with poached pears.

Eliza’s Gram came over to see her, too, and they read some new birthday books together.

We ended the day with a special dinner outside (after some quality playtime outside, too).  Now she wants to eat dinner outside every day!

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