Mother’s Day in NYC

For Mother’s Day this year, Kirk surprised me with a trip to New York for three days.  He was going to be out there for work and I was lucky enough to tag along.  I spent the days by myself (a mother’s dream!) and at night we had three date nights in a row!  It was glorious and the weather was perfect.  Our friend, Mallory, was also in NYC visiting her sister, and we were fortunate that our trips overlapped a bit so I got to hang out with her for a day of much needed girl time.  It was also great fun to browse shops and just sit and read in Central Park.

Kirk and I had some fantastic food in the evenings, including the original Shake Shack, Nirvana (Indian), Kin Shop (Thai, which Kirk raved about when it opened last Fall), and Le Parisien (French, of course, which I was craving to commemorate our trip to Paris last summer).  At Kin Shop, we enjoyed a feast featuring a fried pork belly and crispy oyster salad, soft shell crab, short ribs and noodles, pad see ew, and Thai chocolate coffee and Thai iced tea ice creams.

We also got to see a Broadway show – Anything Goes!  The show was sold out, but thanks to a generous local high school assistant principal (and a couple of his students that were no-shows), we got to see it for free the only night it was showing during our trip.  I really enjoy Cole Porter, and the show was phenomenal with spectacular singing, dancing, and comedy.  It’s currently nominated for nine Tony awards, including best revival, best actress, and best choreography.

It was also fun to see Kirk’s office after their latest move (last summer), and his co-workers through him a little baby shower while we were there, too!  I love being a mom but it always nice to get away and just be with Kirk!  

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Seagers said...

Great pics Lynne! Love it that you got to go away! Miss you...