Outdoor Fun

This summer has been great fun with Eliza.  She wants to go outside all the time and play no matter the heat or rain.  It may not bother her right now but it is killing me!  I may not always love soaking up the sun, but I have been trying to soak up all the one-on-one time with Eliza this last month that I can.  I remember asking my parents for years for a baby brother or sister, so I find that I have more excitement about giving Eliza a sister then I have guilt about taking something (me!) away from her.  Eliza says that she wants baby sister to come out and seems very excited (as are we)!  She picked out a little blanket that is similar to her “lambie” to give to baby sister at the hospital.  I pray that the transition will go well and that Eliza (and we) are prepared for the changes that are quickly to come!  
It has been hard to get Eliza to look at the camera and smile, but I found that if I ask her to count to ten for me I can get a long look.
A few things that Eliza loves to do outside right now are water the flowers and garden, pick food from the garden, play with the hose, and play with bubbles.  This week I got a few pictures of our bubble time.  She has more fun pushing the button on the bubble machine than she does with the bubbles.

Eliza was very helpful when I planted the flowers this summer, and that was handy as it’s been harder and harder to bend down!
We’ve been playing with Jack and Brody from across the street a lot.  Last week we went to a local city park that has a water area.  Once Eliza warmed up to getting wet she had a blast!
Jack wanted to get a photo of himself jumping.

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