Garage Sales - Friday is Fantastic

This Friday Kirk had the day off of work, so there were some big garage sales down the street and we decided to go shopping on Friday instead of our usual Saturday morning adventure. We ended up spending 5 hours (!) going to a bunch of sales in our area (we didn't even make it up to Carmel) and learned that Friday is definitely the day to get children's items, since moms pick them all over on Friday and little is left on Saturday. Eliza did great for most of the trek, and we got her loads of goodies pictured below (and some for mom and dad, too!).

Now that Eliza has her own room and closet, Lynne needed more space for her clothes, especially the seasonal ones she wasn't going to wear any time soon. She was excited we found this wardrobe to put in the basement, and Kirk was excited that we bartered it down to $3! (and it was just down the street so he could carry it home).

Here is the major haul! We spent $28 on tons of clothes for Eliza, all in really great shape and good quality (we probably looked through about 100 times this amount today, no joke). The items include 2 sleepers, 4 dresses, 17 pants, 1 sweater, 1 jumper, 9 tops, 1 pair of shoes, 4 pairs of socks. We're stocking up for the first 12 months too, since there aren't garage sales to scour in the winter months.

Our friend Hayden had a set of these, and she loved them, and they are fun and educational (and make a great mat on a wood floor, like we have all over the house). All the letters and numbers, for only $3!

Two little purchases Kirk found at sales that didn't really have things for kids. A little piano and an awesome "Baby's First Bible" with great illustrations and lessons. These were basically free.

Kirk found three cans of brand new tennis balls (a rarity to find unopened balls at a garage sale!) and books by an amazing entrepreneur he likes (Guy Kawasaki) and chef Tom Colicchio (head judge on Top Chef) before he was uber-famous. $1 each

What a great day!

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