Garage Sales - Week 3

OK, so week 3 of serious garage sale shopping is in the books. Some of you may think we have an addiction, or at least a bit of a problem, but the plan is to stock up so that we have whatever we may need (and can get cheap) before next summer's garage sales. And, if the deal is too good to pass up, we'll even buy some things a few years ahead.

We had extra fun on Saturday, as our first stop was a big sale at Second Presbyterian Church on Meridian. They had tons of stuff (we spent well over an hour there), and Kirk ran into some moms who had donated through DonorsChoose.org (he was wearing a DonorsChoose.org t-shirt that they noticed). It made for some great conversation and friendly shopping (and some deals!).

Now for this week's loot!

Not as much clothing this week, but what we did get was really great! The haul includes a pair of brand new shoes that retailed for $30 (we spent $7 which was a big stretch for us, but Lynne thought it was worth it). The outfits include 5 really cute good quality dresses with pants/bottoms (I love the yellow one with the turtles from Gap), 1 hat, 2 tops, 2 pairs of pants, 2 pairs of tights, and Eliza's first swimsuit (the purple-stripey thing). Combined that was about $16. Again, that's more than we spent the previous weeks on clothes, but part of the cost was a donation to the church hosting the sale, and the clothes are really top notch. Also an important note, these outfits range from 3 months to 12/18 months, so we really are planning ahead!

One of the purchases we were most excited about, this great easel for when Eliza is bigger and can draw and paint. It's in great shape and cost only $10!

This table and chairs matches the easel and fit our plan for our basement. When we finish most of the basement next spring/summer, the plan is to use a significant amount of the space as a play area for Eliza. Lynne had always envisioned a table and chairs, and these, with the matching easel and some pieces we already own, will work really well! These only cost $10 total, too! We bought them from a woman who runs an at home daycare, and she was really nice to talk to.

This were some fun little add-ons at the church sale: a plastic doll house (better to transport than the gigantic wooden dollhouse Lynne's grandpa made for her) with all its pieces, and, up on the chair, a shape puzzle ball and a soft fabric tea set. $4 for everything in the photo.

We had been looking for a portable high chair seat for a while, but had a very difficult time finding one that was clean, in good shape, and un-stained on the straps. This was at the church sale for $3, and we got the pink Bumbo and tray for only $4! That is a crazy price! We've seen Bumbos for sale at garage sales for $20. Now, some of you may have read in the past that we already had a Bumbo and a tray, so why another one? My mom is a big fan of these, so one will live at their house, for sure (or maybe we can sell it for more than we paid? :) just kidding).

OK, this was a random find, but we both loved it so we couldn't pass it up. For $4 we got this gigantic caterpillar rocking "horse" for Eliza to enjoy. It is in terrific shape (looks like at was never used, and smells fine), and buying it allowed us to barter down some clothes at this particular garage sale, too.

Kirk is a big fan of Lego's and wants Eliza to enjoy them, so he's always got his eyes peeled for cheap Duplo's and such. We already had some, so now we got some Duplo's and this Mega Block safari set for $2. The old couple selling it (grandparents, clearly), looked at me like I was crazy when I offered them only $2 for the box full. I told them I wouldn't go any higher, and I eventually left with the loot. :)

Lynne saw these and loved them, but didn't say anything. Then Kirk saw them, thought Lynne would love them, and made sure to point them out. $2 later we left with these cute ice cream lights: perfect for an Eliza birthday party in the future?!

We are always looking for good children's books, and we found this lot for $1 total. That's right, all this for a buck, pretty crazy. We want some good multi-cultural books too (other nationalities are a plus, but basically, things without all the characters being white-skinned), and we found a few in this lot, and love "The Little Old Lady Who Was Not Afraid of Anything," "Peter Rabbit," a PBS book that goes through emotions and facial expressions, and a book from the old Robin Hood Disney movie (Kirk's favorite old Disney cartoon).

After all that, everyone needed a nap!

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